Light yourself

Light yourself up. We dim our lights way too much. I still do it and it’s a terrible habit. We must break the darkness and follow the light. The ego knows our weaknesses and that’s where it tries to enter. That’s why we should eliminate our weaknesses by either embracing them or doing something about it if we can. It’s our responsibility to live fully if we want to be light workers.

You can be having the worst day but if you read, meditate, do a little yoga or anything that you know lights you up, it all changes. Every moment is a decision. And the better decisions you make moment by moment, the better you feel on a regular basis. The darkness might never go away completely but we can stop it from taking a hold of us and if it shows up, light it up with truth. The ego only feeds lies and we decide whether we engage or not. Don’t. Be ready with words of light. Be ready with faith and love. Be kind. The kinder you are, the faster it leaves.

So, if you can, go do something that lights you up; you never regret doing what you love or following your bliss.

I was faced with some fears recently and I did a good job snapping out of it but it didn’t cease to amaze me how intense the old patterns can be. The persuade you into falling when there’s nothing to fall for. The work we do, the light we choose is the only path worth walking.



I loved you but I have to let you go. You’re no longer welcome here. I’m going through a procedure to remove you from my being. I decided today to remove you from my sacred body, mind and soul. It’s time. Goodbye.

You were the one for me until you shattered my heart with your reckless ways. It took me enough time to remove your physicality. Now I think it’s time to remove you from my heart and mind. I know you’ll still try to stay but I will ignore you. If I see you, I will ignore you. If I feel you, I will ignore you. If I think you, I will ignore you completely. I’m sorry if I’m being rude or tough but I must say goodbye forever.

It breaks my heart but I must say goodbye. Goodbye to all of you; the good and the bad. You were a few chapters in my book and now I must turn the page. Move on to a brighter, stronger more enlightened chapter. Since you’ve been gone, my book has gotten much more interesting and mystical. Thank you for leaving.

Thank you for the pain, thank you for the heartache. I didn’t know how strong I was. I didn’t know I could go through this and not only survive but thrive. I didn’t know that my life would be better without you. So, thank you. If you wouldn’t have shattered my heart, I wouldn’t have let you go because I loved you as deeply as the ocean. Thank you for loving me the best way you could.

I’m sorry that your childhood pain overpowered the love. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you heal. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you see the light. But, the light can only be seen by those who believe in it. So, that’s on you.

I forgive you if you’re sorry. I forgive you if you’re not sorry. I forgive you and let you go. I forgive the mistakes and the pain. I forgive myself for not walking away sooner. I forgive myself for not wanting to see the very obvious red flags. I forgive myself for being weak. I forgive myself for not believing in my own power. I forgive myself for being hard on you and wanting to change you. I forgive myself for wanting to marry someone so broken.

Thank you for the good times. I forgive you for the bad. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I forgive you for hurting me. I wish you well and I hope you know how much I loved you.

I will find someone who’ll love me right and I’ll smile in gratitude knowing that letting you go was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Thank you for holding on to your ego tightly and letting me go. Goodbye.

Goodbye fear

It has been showing up. Knocking on my door. Here I am, it says. Here I am because I’m so familiar. I don’t want to let it in, somehow it stays for a coffee. It knows how to try and stay. A love from the past that brought darkness; a wound that’s too familiar; the comfort it sells seems to be the hardest to resist.

“Maybe I do miss him; maybe I should go back to what I was; maybe it’d be easier.”

No! The light kicks in. The work done after months of healing and choosing right hasn’t gone unnoticed. It gets mad for a minute; for even considering the possibility of falling into the crippling arms of fear. It won’t have it.

It would seem to be an obvious choice; and yet…we’ve created a habit out of fear and it knows that. As soon as you’re shining bright, it tries to pull you back. The familiar, the box, the darkness. It makes us feel terrible, we cannot see clearly, it makes us stuck; and yet we consider it sometimes. Don’t let it. If you had a coffee with it, show it out. Leave it out and continue your work of light.

The light always wins. It requires bravery, strength, courage, determination, discipline, resilience and doing the work that is necessary. Why do you think so many choose the darkness? It’s easy. But easy isn’t always right. Easy will ruin your life. Comfort will give you a lukewarm hug. Those hugs where you want to feel love but you don’t. The security that’s never there. The commitment that speaks but doesn’t act.

The light might seem tougher; it’s not. It just transforms you into the best version of yourself, and for that to happen, you must know your power. How will you know how strong you are if you don’t leave weakness behind? How will you know the light if you don’t step out of the dark box?

It all makes sense. Trust it. Trust the light. Trust yourself. Trust the universe. And once you choose the light over and over again, fear might come knocking but you won’t even get up. You’ll just let it pass through knowing that your commitment to the light is forever.

I commit to the light. I commit today and always. I commit to choosing what’s right and not easy. I commit to me and those who are light. I say farewell to the past, to the darkness. It came with love but now it’s just the dark. Goodbye darkness. Thank you for teaching me and letting me go. Thank you for leading me to the light. I’m forever grateful. I’ll be letting go now. The light and I are meant to be.

Forever mine,


What you walk away from

So much. We tolerate so much when we don’t know any better. It’s OK. There’s so much to be learned from mistakes. But we do have to do the work. We have to be willing to walk away from that which no longer serves us. That guy that you “love” but is consuming you. Those people that suck the life out of you. Those jobs that take you nowhere. It’s fine. I’m not completely where I want to be yet but I can control how I feel. And once I feel better, I do better and I attract better things. It’s all energy.

Changes happen when we’re kind, when we’re loving, when we’re compassionate and believe in ourselves. They don’t happen when we stay stuck out of fear or settle for less than what we know deep inside that we deserve. Whoever taught us to play it small? We shouldn’t. If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will? You have the universe backing you up; all it asks from you is your best and to trust them. That’s all.

It’s hard, yes, but it’s worth it. I’ve been in a path of healing and growth recently and the results from doing my best and trusting the universe have exceeded my wildest expectations. I’m also having fun! Enjoying your life is crucial for blooming. You create in this moment what you want more of.

And so, the first step is to walk away from what you know you must. Then, fill that emptiness with self love and trust the rest to the universe. Do your best and just sit back and enjoy what comes your way. It’s the most beautiful process you’ll ever go through. It’s a lifelong love affair. Work on you because you’ll be with you FOREVER. Walk away and start this beautiful journey of self discovery. I promise you; it’s the best decision you can make.


Sometimes we search and don’t find what we’re looking for. This has been something that has driven me crazy throughout my life. Until, finally, I learned that the universe speaks loudly when it needs to and remains silent when necessary.

I believe in the universe, in the mystical, the moon and energy. I believe because I feel it and because it’s finally taken me to a path of light. Searching for something and not finding it only means that it’s either not time or that our energy must be raised. That’s why the root of it all is our vibration. Raise your vibe and all that is right for you just comes in.

Nothingness and silence are powerful. That’s why meditation and yoga are healing. In the silence you find yourself and so much inspiration flows in. Finish an intense yoga class and tell me how you feel afterwards. It all makes sense. The world is brighter.

When you don’t find what you’re looking for say thank you. “Thank you for giving me the space I need to love myself and the way things are now.” It’s good to set intentions and have goals, but never at the expense of your peace and good vibes. Because if that’s the case, your energy lowers and it’s back to square one.

I thought I had nothing to say today and look what I found. Trust the process and follow the path of light; the universe will not lead you astray.